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    Turn Miles
    Into Money

    Sign up to drive with Lyft.

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    Earn money for inviting friends to drive. Learn more.

    A Ride in Minutes
    Request a ride and you’ll be on your way in minutes. Request. Ride. Repeat.

    Serious About Safety
    From knowing the color of your driver’s car to our 24/7 Trust & Safety Team, we got you.

    Happy Drivers.
    Happy Riders.

    Ride with us and you’ll see why 9 out of 10 rides end with five stars.


    Amplify Your Ride
    Lyft’s new emblem, Amp, is the secret to smooth pickups. Lighting up dashboards nationwide, the device makes it easy for passengers and drivers to find each other.



    In an animated short film by Academy Award-winner John Kahrs, a lonely widow in historic South Chicago is empowered to start sharing the ride — and sharing her life, too.



    A Good Thing Going
    Launching on TV and online, “Ride on the Bright Side” shows how Lyft continues to prioritize happy drivers, short ETAs, and safety.



    Now Live: Scheduled Rides
    Now you can schedule Lyft rides up to seven days in advance and relax knowing your ride will be there when you need it. Whether you’re catching a flight or a show across town, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

    Learn More

    Defending Our Values
    We created Lyft to be a model for the type of community we want our world to be: diverse, inclusive, and safe.

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